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Sunday, 17 June 2007

Dream girl

I had a weird dream last night. Before that i better tell you more about a crush that i had during college years. I was in college when i met this girl. Coming from an all boys school, i had very little friends from the opposite sex. Somehow during the five years at boarding school, i find it a bit awkward to talk to girls. Funny ehh?But i did feel that way. Somehow during one meeting, i was sitting with the guys, most of the bloodyhellboys when one of they lecturer ask us to mix around. Mixed around by a guy sit next to a girl. Thats when i met this girl. Sorry won't give out a name. Anyway, we became friends and somehow down the years i started developing feeling for her. To cut story short i kinda blew it. Did some stupid things and end up ruining our friendship. But till today she is probably the biggest crush that i had.

Continue about the dream. Its been years since i last saw her. In the dream i was having lunch somewhere. I got my food and i was going to get the fork and spoon when i suddenly saw her. We said hi and i sat for a while. We didn't talk much but she looks beautiful. Next thing i know i ws with 3 friends and we were going to a house. And guess what, is that girl house. She was having a party of somewhat. We sat and talked. She said sorry and that she says that she cared for me and liked me, its just wasn't meant to be. She cried while saying this. She said if it were other times, she would have chosen me. Before me and my friends went back, her mom came to see me and say goodbye and just that instance a small kid ws running by. She called to the kid and introduced me to him. It was her kid. After that i turn around and woke up.

This girl has been messing up my life for few years now. I just can't let her out of my mind. Just when i thought i have put aside my feelings for her, it comes back. I just don'y know what to do anymore. Pathetic, maybe. But i can't run away from something that i feel. And i'm too scared to do something bout it. Maybe the dream is a sign that i should now let my feeling go. Maybe i'll continue to try letting it go. Or maybe i already let her go. Maybe..........

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Malaysia and human trafficking

I was browsing CNN just a few minutes ago and found a horrific news. Malaysia is categorized among the worst human trafficking offender bythe US State Department. Click here to see the news. So i decided to check the US State Department website. And guess what, we are in tier 3, the worst tier (to see the list, click here). We are listed together with Cuba, North Korea and Sudan. Even Indonesia, Phillipines and India is better than us. Its just bizzare to here this when all this while i was under the impression that we have very small or even none human trafficking activities.

Saturday, 9 June 2007

Roland Garros Part II

The men final has been decided. As expected the two best player will meet. Rafael Nadal vs Roger Federer. Just hope that Federer's skill is enough to match Nadal's muscle. Whatever it is, Philippe Chatrier court will be have the attention of the world tonite, Women's Single final, and tomorrow's men's final.

Thursday, 7 June 2007

From the clay of Roland Garros

For the last week, i've been watching a lot of tennis. Currently the French Open is on the way. The ladies final will be between the petite World No. 1 Justine Henin against the young and beautiful No. 7 seed Ana Ivanovic. Both cruise to the final with ease with Justine Henin beating No. 4 seed Jelena Jankovic 6-2, 6-2 and Ivanovic trashing World No. 2 Maria Sharapova 6-2, 6-1.

Everyone was expecting Justine to reach the final since she has been undefeated at Roland Garros for the last two years. As for Ana, the younster will be in her first ever Grand Slam final. She has been the supprise candidate in this year French Open. Despite seeded No. 7, not many people will put their money on her before the tournament started. Justine is expected to win her third in a row French Open. However with the young Serbian fresh from humiliating Maria Sharapova, anything can happen. Both players are my favourite players but i'll expect Justine to win the final easily. She is just so focus and Roland Garros is almost like her home court, Ana could find the crowd will be behind Justine throughout the final.

I'll vouch for Justine this time around. Good luck to both of them!

Monday, 4 June 2007

Exam's Over!

Finally i'm done with my exam. Don't think i'll pass this round. Might take it again in December. Somehow now i feel i got lotsa time to burn. So what is on my list. Hmmmm.. Aha!..I got nothing. What should i do? Maybe i'll just try to finish up reading the last 3 books i bought. Will tell more bout it later.

Thursday, 31 May 2007

Many Issues, many decission and many voices

For the past few days many decission on controversial issues was made. Some take it as a good decission, some not and some just don't care. Some issues was blown out of proportion, some were used by certain parties to create tension, to gain limelight or just to show that they have a cause whatever it is. Here, you will find my take on this certain issues. Some of you might agree with me, some of you may not and some of you just probably don't care. But this is where i chronicled my journey is this place called earth, so suck on it.

Lina Joy
I think this case was used by so many parties to attack each other and for some to just gain lime light. However i believe the issue here is Line Joy's refusal to go to Syariah Court and get the letter saying she is no longer a Muslim. On her part i believe that she just probably wanted the lime light. I don;t really know. But just treat the Syariah Court as any other government office. Go through the procedure and get the letter. After that go to JPN and get the word Islam remove from your I.C. No big deal. Its not about religious difference here. It is not discrimination to other religion. I would probably say its a discrimination to Muslim. But procedure is procedure. I was told that last year, about 16 (couldn't remember the actual number) was given the letter stating that they are no longer Muslim. So, it is not that she can't get the letter. Basically it is just a case that was blown out of proportion when so many people get involved.

Salary Increase for Government Servant
I'm not entirely happy when the government announced the increase. This is because, everytime government servant (GS) get pay increase, prices will go up. This is basic economic theory. Government is the largest employer in Malaysia. When they increase salary, more people will have higher purchasing power. Demand will then rise. Due to supply inability to react to the sudden change in demand, prices will rise since demand is higher than supply. Generally price will go up. And it sucks for us who are not getting any salary increase. Some of them do deserve a pay rise, especially police officers and teachers. Increasing salary is the easy part, but how will the government fund this?

A source told me that currently 36% of Petronas oil revenue is being used by government now. That is probably the highest ever level (maybe its more during the economic crisis. We may never know). Didn't the government was the one who wanted to rely less on natural resources and move towards industrial and services? This is not moving forward, it's a step backward.

Remember that the budget will soon be tabled in September or October (didn't bother to go check. Its late already. Someone please find out for me. Thank you). With 9-MP starting, don't be suprise if there is a lot of suprises in there. I expect it to be a bad budget. Especially to people who haven't gotten any salary rise like me. Get ready to fall back under the poverty line. HUHuhuhu!

Manchester United trip to KL
Being a ManU fan, i would say this suck! But rationally thinking, cancelling it is the right thing to do. It is a never going to be a favourable outcome for ManU if they decide to go ahead. They wouldn't want to anger the AFC and FIFA. Both of them have said that they disagree with the trip and wanted ManU to cancel it. But instead of doing the safe thing and just not get involved, our beloved PM made a statement supporting the trip. And for that, he got a slap on his face. ManU decided to withdraw and the matter is settled. FAM should have think ahead since they already signed an agreement with AFC not to host any other tournament while hosting the Asia Cup. This shows that FAM is poorly managed. No wonder our football team haven't gotten anywhere despite the millions spend on them.

Man U will be signing Hargreaves, Anderson & Nani
At last ManU have agreed to sign the three players. Agreement with the clubs have been made and now what is left is for the players to sign their contract. Hopefully they will bolster ManU's squad and defend their Premiership title and even win the Champs League. Btw, this is just a sidetrack from what i've been discussing. It is still however one of the decission made this week.

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Transformers and sale!

We all know that the new transformers movie will be release sometime in June or July, i can't remember. I put it on my must watch movie list this year. But i'm not gonna talk bout the movie.

For you out there toy collecter, especially TF, there will be Transformers Movie Toys Pre-Sale this coming weekend. Go get them you money wasting mofo! Details is as below:

The Transformers Movie Toys Pre-Sales Event!

Date: 1st June 2007
Venue: Toy Workers, Subang Square, SS15, Subang Jaya. Selangor.
Time: 9.00pm - Midnight

Not only will you get a chance to be the first in Malaysia to own the Transformers Movie Toys, if you buy more than RM300 worth of stuff, you'll be entitled for mystery gifts* (Transformers merchandise). There will be a lucky draw as well and great grand prizes to be given away (all Transformers merchandise worth above RM200)

*Some Fine print, yo! All mystery gifts and lucky draw prizes are limited while stock last!

p.s. - saw this from eyeris blog. thanx to him that i'm aware of this.